Photo Gallery

Holiday Gala 2019
Charity Raffle Recipient
Dogs 4 Diabetics

Through your support and generosity a donation of $4,500 was provided to Dogs4Diabetics!

2019 Holiday Gala

2019 Golf Tournament

2019 Bocce Winners

1st Place - Singles Team
Pat Brady
Jolene Hernandez-Chambers
Christina Kerrigan
Joe Weber

2nd Place - Epic Bocce
Bill Ferree
Shaughn Daugherty
Peter Holly
John Antaki

3rd Place - Bocce Warriors/Safeco
Gabe Ramirez
Terry Stoka
Heather Stotka
Jack Cardoza
(Donated $80.00 winnings toward 2019 Holiday Charity)

2019 Bocce

2019 Oakland A's Tailgate & Game